Baby Star/寶寶/嬰兒/加高/餐椅/baby chair

Baby Star/寶寶/嬰兒/加高/餐椅/baby chair

售價: HK$ 309.00 (9.4 折)
HK$ 329.00



~ 兩段式靠背調整

~ 兩段高度調整適合使用於大部份餐桌

~ 三段式餐盤調整

~ 五點式安全帶固定寶寶在座位內

~ 可調式固定帶適合安裝於大部份餐椅上

~ 收摺容易,方便攜帶及收納

~ 便攜手把,出外更方便

~ 容易使用,清潔簡單

~ 食物餐盤適用於洗碗機

~ 適合6個月至15公斤寶寶使用

~ 符合符合歐洲產品安全標準 EN16120

~ 重量: 2.5公斤 (+/- 0.5公斤)

~ 台灣製造


Baby Star Block Booster Seat gives your child own dining and clean spot for mealtimes at home or on the go. The foldable booster seat is simple to use and easy to clean, it is perfect for travel. The 5-point harness makes it easy to get your child seated securely for mealtimes. After each messy meals, the non-fabric seat design wipes down easily and the tray is dishwasher safe for quick and simple cleanup.

- 2-position adjustable backrest
- 2-level height adjustment to fit most dining table
- 3-position adjustable tray
- 5-point harness keeps your child securely seated
- Adjustable chair straps keep seat secure on most dining chairs
- Folds for easy portability and storage
- Carry handle for added convenience
- Easy to use, simple to clean
- Dishwasher-safe food tray
- Suitable for 6 months to 15kg
- Comply with EN 16120 European Safety Standards

Weight: 2.5kg (+/- 0.5kg)



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